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SAMBAR Analyst Information Pack


SAMBAR extracts high quality original news articles, trade recommendations, research papers, on financial markets issues related to stocks, futures, options, and forex published in national newspapers, magazines, books, newsletter, and brokerage houses, validates the role of this information in securities markets and constructs optimal order placement strategies with easy to understand visualization for analysis and trade execution. Area of coverage includes analysis and design of trading mechanisms, optimal trade placement strategies.

Benefits to Analysts

SAMBAR is the only platform for analyst performance ranking and recommendations tracking system. The platform examines and ranks the returns of all recommendations by analysts and provides investors the ability to identify individuals that have outperformed market and examine all the trades visually.

We rank all eligible analysts after submission of 25 market ideas in various instruments and based on alpha generation. We bring recognition to the most consistent alpha generators.

SAMBAR is built for networking. Recommendations you contribute are translated into visual trades and these trades are tracked on a performance basis and be compensated for each view. Additionally, other may contribute to your recommendations and ideas thus enabling you to earn additional revenues.

No. Instrument(s) used Description Action
1 Stock A stock outright trade on Barrick Gold Corporation.
2 Futures Contract An outright trade on December Gold futures contract.
3 Stock vs. Stock A stock spread between SPDR Gold Trust ETF and E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Gold ETN.
4 Futures vs. Futures A futures contract spread trade on Crude Oil.
5 Futures vs. Stock Coming soon.
6 Futures vs. ETF A futures stock spread between December Gold and SPDR Gold Trust ETF.
7 Futures vs. ETN A spread trade between December WTI Crude Oil futures contract and iPath Series B SP GSCI Crude Oil ETN.
8 Stock Options vs. Stock Options Coming soon.
9 Futures vs. Futures Options Coming soon.
10 Futures Options vs. Futures Options Coming soon.
11 Futures Options vs. Stock Options Coming soon.