Community Rules & Code of Conduct

Each user who joins the SAMBAR Community must read these rules and must abide by them. All the rules are mandatory. Please know that these are of utmost importance especially when it comes to keeping the Community organized and productive.

SAMBAR reserves the right to lock, delete, edit, hide any post. SAMBAR also reserves the right to remove avatars, edit profile signatures, and ban users for any reason, including not following the rules.

1. All the rules are subject to changes, revisions, and updates at the sole discretion of SAMBAR Staff. Though we will inform the members about any changes in the rules, a member is equally responsible for knowing the upcoming changes in the rules. Thus, it is advised to read the rules regularly.

2. Before you ask for/about anything:

  a. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

3. Post only in the correct forum/topic: If you’ve something to say about the Corn Stocks, please do not post it under the Gold Stocks. The post will either be removed or moved depending on the nature of the violation. In case you do not find a relevant forum for your topic, please post it in the General Discussions forum.

4. DO NOT SHOUT: Writing everything in CAPS is generally considered rude. There is no need to do that. We can all hear you just fine.

5. Please make sense: Please do not type like this: “Dis iz vry Kool, gotcha.” Please make sure that other users can also understand what you’re saying.

6. Do not use Exclamation/Question signs multiple times: Please mind using Exclamation/Question signs multiple times. There is no need to do that. Typing like “Hey Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” or “Can you help me with this????????????????” is not required.

7. Must use specific & descriptive Titles: If you’re creating a new Topic in a forum, make sure that the Title of the Topic is specific and descriptive enough. It must not be generic. The Title should be able to tell what the topic is all about. The following examples show the Titles, which are not allowed.

a. "Help"
b. "Please help."
c. "I need help."
d. "Can you help.?"
e. "HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" (if you post like this, you WILL be banned)
f. "Tutorial request."
g. "Feature request."
h. "Plugin request."
i. "Looking for..."
j. "Looking for a tutorial / feature / plugin"
k. "Can the SAMBAR website do this" ('this' is complete ambiguous here)
l. "I'm a newbie."
m. "Hello"
n. "I'm new."

Also, the use of the word “Help” in any Topic is not allowed. This affects the navigation of the forum. We all know that you need help. That's why you’re posting in the first place. Just imagine how the forums will look like if everyone starts posting like "Help," "Please help," "I need help," "Can you help," and so on. The original purpose of this Community will be lost if that happens.

We want to add that the Topics with generic Titles will be removed/locked/hidden without any warning or note issued to stress this issue.

Also, please do not create Titles such as “Hey John, Read This” or “Hey All, Check This Out” or “I Need Your Support Guys. Please Upvote My Post.” This is a classic example of what you would never want to do in the Community.

8. Be Respectful to Others: The SAMBAR Community welcomes healthy criticism. If you have the right to criticize a member in some way or the other, that member also has the right to take your criticism in a positive or negative way. Hence, do not start verbal fights, do not be rude, do not use abusive language, and never provoke others. If you find someone is offending or demeaning you, please report to the moderator immediately and we will help you.

9. Do Not Insult Others: Do not use insulting statements such as "You are an idiot. You are a liar. You are dumb. etc.". Do not start name-calling. SAMBAR Community is an online public community and not a grade school. You must discuss and solve disputes with others’ posts without insulting them. Do not put other members in a bad light just because they disagree with your statement/opinions/views.

There are many other non-direct-personal insults that won't necessarily get you banned. However, it may lead to post-editing, post deletion, warnings, or time-outs. Such insults include telling people to shut up; If a member insults you or frame you in a bad light, report their post to the Moderators.
Remember: If a member insults you, it does not mean that their post gives you a license to break the rules. Rather, you should report such posts.
Though we do not read Private Messages sent between forum members, the rules for appropriate and inappropriate content apply to them.

10. Do Not Private Message Asking for Help: Please do not private message a member asking for a solution. This doesn’t help if people will get their answers in private messages; no one else would be able to read them. SAMBAR Community is created for open, transparent, and publicly available discussions.

11. Do Not Fake Your “Content Count” Score: The Content Count score is an important parameter for promotion. Do not post fake content or content only for the “Content Count” sake. SAMBAR reserves the right to Manually Set the “Content Count” score of any member under all circumstances. We also reserve the right to Recount and hide/delete all the content of any member any time before/during/after the review if we find that the quality of content is not up to the mark. Please read Quality Content Guidelines and Quality Content Video.

12. Do Not Fake Your “Reputation Points” Score: The Reputation Points score is another important parameter for promotion. Do not give or receive a fake reputation only for the “Reputation Points” sake. SAMBAR reserves the right to Manually Set the “Reputation Points” score of any member. We also reserve the right to Recount the score. We reserve the right to Remove Reputation Given and Remove Reputation Received any time before, during, or after the review if we find that the reputation score is achieved using a setup or false or fake activities.

13. Do Not Ask For Likes or Reactions: Do not ask other members to like your content or to react to your content. This is because we count “Reputation Points” as one of the parameters for promotions. Hence, likes and reactions should come naturally.

14. Do Not Ask Others For Email Communication: The sole purpose of the SAMBAR Community is to help each other, and email communication does not fulfill that purpose. Additionally, everyone has their roles and responsibilities in the real-world. So, asking someone to help you out over an email is of no help.

15. Do Not Reply or Start Conversation in Very Old Topics: It is not wise to start a conversation on a Topic that has been stranded for a long time. You may know that this topic exists, but new users do not. Thus, if you find a Topic stranded for more than 90 days, consider it is already dead. If you still choose to post something, your post will be deleted without any notice issued. If you still have something to say about that specific topic, please create a new topic. However, this rule doesn’t apply to SAMBAR administration and our internal staff.

16. Do Not Post Erotic or Obscene Images: SAMBAR Community is built for a healthy discussion of Financial markets such as Equities and Futures. If you post Erotic or Obscene images or content that is vulgar and seductive in nature, you will be banned immediately forever.

17. Do Not Use Inappropriate Images For Profile Signatures: The use of images for profile signatures is good. However, SAMBAR Community does not allow the use of inappropriate images such as blinking & flashing images, annoying and vague images.

18. Multiple Registration: Multiple registrations are not allowed. SAMBAR Community reserves the right to ban or suspend your account(s) if we find that you’ve been using multiple accounts with us. You must register only one account with us. Reinstatement of banned or canceled accounts can come only from an Administrative Staff member.

19. Avatar Image Size: Animated photos are not allowed. The maximum size for an avatar or profile photo is 50kb, and the maximum width/height is 500 px.

20. Cover Photo: The maximum size for a cover photo is 100 kb.

21. Profile Signature Size: The recommended size and dimensions for choosing Profile Signature images are here: The total size of all the images used in the profile signature must not be more than 50 kb. If you’ve text along with the image (with maximum size/dimensions), then put the text down to two lines. Altogether, the height of your profile signature (images and text combined) should be around this.

22. Do Not Create “Official” Topics: As a responsible SAMBAR Community member, you are not allowed to create “Official” topics for any subject. Organizing a Forum is not your job. Leave it to the SAMBAR staff.

23. Showcase Your Work Only in a Specified Forum: There are dedicated forums for various topics and discussions. You are not allowed to show off or showcase your work in the forums, which are not meant for the same. SAMBAR Community has a dedicated forum for your work; please use it. You can also create a separate Topic for your work here.

24. Do Not Include [quote], [hide], or [spoiler] Tags in Your Signature: Do not use the Quote button, Code button, or Spoiler button in your signature. Moderators have to moderate tons of posts every day, and the use of such tags in your signature slows down their momentum.

25. Do Not Ask To Be A Moderator/ Administrator: Working behind the scenes as a moderator/administrator is not funny. This is a responsibility. We work as a team and rely on each other’s expertise and mutual understanding. Please do not make such requests as we simply do not entertain them.

26. Do Not Feed/Support Trolls: If you come across a user who is trolling the Topic or Forum or other users, do not feed or support him/her in any means. This also includes Spam posts. If you find such posts, do not pay attention to them; simply ignore them. The moderator will take the required action. However, you can certainly Report such posts to the Moderator.

27. Do Not Create Useless Topics/Polls: Please do not create Topic/Polls that are meaningless and are of no use. Remember that this Community is created for discussions about financial markets such as Stocks and Futures.

28. Use Only English Language: For the time being, SAMBAR Community is limited only to the English language. So, please use only the English language so that maximum users can understand if not all.

29. Do Not Advertise or Solicit: SAMBAR Community is not meant for advertising and soliciting. Thus, advertising or promoting products/services and soliciting is strictly prohibited. SAMBAR Community is not meant for hiring people or asking people to volunteer. SAMBAR Community and/or any of its members will not be responsible for any such claim, endorsement ,or damage.

30. Do Not Swear: Please do not swear or perform a similar action. This rule also includes the "ASCII Swearing," where letters are replaced by symbols/numbers so as to bypass or get around the auto censor. Please note: All topics and posts are monitored by staff, and these kinds of actions result in the deactivation of account forever..

31. Do Not “bump” Your Own Content: This rule refers to an activity in which a user starts posting replies to their own topic. Please do not do that or that piece of content may get locked or removed. If you haven’t received any replies on your topic for more than 24 hours, try to edit the post and mention more details. At times, it is not easy to understand what you’re looking for if the important details are missing.

32. Do Not “sneaky-bump” Your Own Content: This rule refers to an activity in which a user deletes or removes their previous post and reposts the same content. Please do not do that, or that piece of content may get locked or removed. Please understand that if someone does that, it is considered an intentional violation of this rule.

33. Do Not “bump” Other’s Content: Respect others’ right to post their content without any nonsense. Hence, do not “bump” others’ posts. If you do that, other users may feel offended and Report your activity.

34. Do Not Belittle Newcomers: Remember, you were once in their position. You have been through that time. You know the level of support a newcomer expects, especially when he/she has never been a part of any such Community. Do not belittle them, do not be over-smart, and do not bully them if they make any mistake in the SAMBAR Community.

35. Do Not Create a “Warez” Topic: SAMBAR Community strongly rejects the idea of downloading any software illegally. We also reject the idea of using a pirated copy of any software program. Hence, do not start a topic or a conversation regarding the same.

36. Do Not Post Images with Huge Size/Resolution: SAMBAR Community welcomes images of regular size and resolution. However, posting images with very high resolution and size are not allowed. Please mind that not everyone has access to high -speed internet and devices to support such images. The recommended size for posting an image is 100kb. However, you are always welcome to post a link to an image with a huge size and resolution.

37. Do Not Post Phone Numbers: Please mind that SAMBAR Community is a public community, and the information shared here will be available to be seen publicly. So, be wise and do not post your personal phone numbers and/or phone numbers of the people you know. Someone might use this information for fraudulent purposes.

If you have questions or do not understand any part of this Policy, please stop using the pre-release web application immediately and email to with “Community Rules & Code of Conduct” in the subject area.
Updated February 29, 2024.