LeBar features and functionality are work in progress and is expected to be completed and fully implemented on the SAMBAR platform by second quarter 2024.

1. What is a LeBar?

Answer: LeBar is a price-stable crypto currency and is implemented on blockchain.  LeBar

2. How are the LeBar purchase funds maintained?

Answer: All LeBar purchase funds are deposited into a Bank of America account ending in 79613 and all transactions related to LeBar will be audited by a reputable accounting company.

3. Can LeBar be used as a speculative investment like Bitcoin?

Answer: No. The price of a LeBar is pegged to 1 USD, and this price relationship never changes.

4. How is LeBar different from Bitcoin?

Answer: The price of Bitcoin swings considerably on a daily basis, and this volatility is a significant barrier for keeping purchasing power stable like the US dollar or other major world currencies such euro or pound.

5. Why should I purchase LeBar?

Answer: LeBar is used on SAMBAR platform as the medium of exchange, and they provide the foundation for future functionality of the platform such as group trades and others. Since each LeBar is pegged to 1 USD, our goal is to provide a crypto currency with price stability for mass adoption. If the user is assured that the purchasing power of their LeBar will remain stable, they will adopt LeBar as a medium of exchange over price-stable alternatives.

6. Why is price stability so important for LeBar?

Answer: Consumers and merchants using LeBar as a medium of exchange for services and goods and are not in speculation business trying to profit from price swings. Unlike bitcoin, LeBar is pegged to 1 USD and it is worth the same every day. This creates and environment where both parties can trust the value of goods and services they sell or buy remain the same with no major price fluctuations.

7. Can LeBar be used outside SAMBAR platform? If so, can you provide few examples?

Answer: Yes. We see many use cases for LeBar outside SAMBAR platform domain such as 1) Dollarization 2) A low-volatility crypto asset 3) A financial instrument in Credit and Debt Markets and 4) For broader blockchain economy.

8. I can use USD or credit cards pay for goods and services. Why LeBar as a medium of exchange?

Answer: LeBar provides a crypto alternative to USD and credit cards and its unique attributes such as convenience, control, and anonymity are attractive to many users. Second, it costs merchants no overhead to accept LeBar with added benefit of eliminating fraudulent transactions, and transactions fees can be much lower than traditional credit cards.

Other benefits include:

  1. LeBar provide the ability for anyone in the world to participate in financial market opportunities in the US.
  2. Settlement of smart contracts using LeBar.
  3. An alternative to dollar based margin requirements by posting exchange imposed margins in LeBar.
  4. Low or no volatility crypto asset for Traders on SAMBAR platform.

9. If I have excessive LeBar can I return on SAMBAR platform and get my money back?

Answer: Yes. Starting in the second quarter of 2024, a user may return excessive or unused LeBar and get 1 USD for each LeBar.

10. When will LeBar based distributed ledger technology fully functional and the platform capabilities released to the public?

Answer: By second quarter of 2024.