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Keeping a pulse on the market means analyzing vast amounts of data, creating accurate projections of future trends and in turn answering all your pressing questions with market-speed operations.

With our analysis, individuals and organizations can extract trends, predict outcomes and prepare for what’s to come.

We help customers leverage predictive techniques to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risk in various market sectors.

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A Smarter Approach: Turning Articles Into Visual Trades.

Few of us can detect patterns from the row numbers and we are by birth visual creatures. We have designed our visualizations to be customizable and capable enough to help a common man understand and answer important questions about a financial strategy - past performance, risk, reward and the like.

Data that is overly summarized loses its ability to inform. When it’s too detailed, rapid interpretation of the data is compromised. Visual analytics bridge this gap by providing the right style of data visualization and detail for each situational need.

A Futures Calendar Spread Strategy Derived From Carley Garner's Book.

A Futures Seasonal Spread Strategy Derived From Jerry Toepke's Book.

Build for Less-informed Busy Professionals.

Performance, visibility, and measurement are all vital components of an effective trade strategy intelligence. SAMBAR takes this intelligence to the next level by helping customers increase published article values through Realtime analysis, insights, and empowering end-users with drill-down analysis to further investigate historic performance.

We put detailed trade information in the hands of our customers and help them spot anomalies, as well as identify unseen and unknown opportunities to make better trading decisions.

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Win-Win Revenue Sharing Model

Get actionable trades from Australia to America and in-between.

We drive innovation by building a collaborative ecosystem of financial resources, enabling our customers to access the information of global financial markets, supporting them to trade in new ways, guiding them to successfully manage risk, and assisting them in accessing information and trading profitably every trading hour.

Through our expertise, relationships, technologies, and data services, we interact with the best companies in the world and serve as a successful platform for the exchange of ideas and trades.

As a hub for innovation of the best practices, we have a strong appreciation for the importance of corporate responsibility, including efforts across compliance, social, and governance spaces within the financial industry.

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Our Visualizations Are Informative and Easy to Understand.

Information is the Most Valuable Commodity in the World, and Knowledge is a Basic Human Right.
SAMBAR is the Internet of Trades Success Platform.